Growth of Social Media Managers as a Career


What started off as a way to interconnect with family and friends is now taking over the world. Yes! We are talking about Social Media people. Ok, that sounded a bit informal, either way, today we bring to you one of the demanding careers of 2022 – Social Media Manager. The rising demand of Social Media Managers/ Marketers in the South Pacific continue to increase in 2022.

What is a Social Media Manager?

A social media manager is a person who manages an organization’s social media pages like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.  A social media manager’s responsibility may vary in different organizations. The personnel may manage the strategy and social media marketing tactics for the organization for an individual, or they can manage the team of social media marketing coordinators. In summary, a social media manger would handle the daily design, operations and strategy for an organization’s social media and online presence.

Growth of Social Media Positions

The growth of social media has occurred very rapidly over the last eight to ten years, and this has resulted in the growing need for qualified people to manage company pages. Organizations establish social media pages as it is an effective method of providing more efficient customer service by answering questions publicly and engaging with your audience to establish trust and resolve issues quickly.

Ten years ago, you wouldn’t imagine that a career in Social Media was possible. However, before social media became a thing, people were employed to interact with customers, clients and other stakeholders. People who carried out those responsibilities were known as Public Relations Specialist and they are no different to Social Media Managers. According to data gathered over the years, a rise in social media usage by companies will lead a rise in jobs with a focus on public relations. There is a high demand of Social Media managers right now as almost every organization has an online presence.

If I am confident in using social media platforms, can I be a Social Media Manager?

Some employers feel that anyone who has recently graduated from university with a social media account can undertake the role of a social media manager. On the other hand, it should be noted that even though one spends so much time on social media platforms, it does not make them qualified social media managers.

A social media manager must be skilled in business dynamics, advertising, marketing, graphic design and good communication skills. Knowing how to use these platforms is a good start, but the ideal candidate must be skilled in marketing tactics and strategic communication.

Becoming A Social Media Manager.

To become a social media manager, one needs to know how to use social media effectively. Marketing skills are also important in this role. Working hours are also flexible as Social Media managers are not required to come into the office most of the time. If you are one who has an interest in this career, then you may find useful resources on . There are also other online resources to learn how to create awesome social media marketing companies.

A career as a Social Media Manager will continue to increase over the years, as the industry continue to grow and continually change. In just a decade Social Media has created thousands of jobs and will continue to create more in the future.