Becoming A Social Media Influencer – Things To Consider

Social Media Influencer

Almost everyone has access to a digital device in this era and it is no doubt that they also have access to Social Media. Increase use of social media has given rise to social media influencers. The life of a social media influencer may seem all glitz and glam but alot more goes on behind the scenes that we do not see.

The life of a social media influencer can seem incredible. From sponsored posts about the places they have visited, products that they have used or just making money via social media channels, social media influencers seem to be living the glam life. If you considering to become a social media influencer, then here are some things that you should consider.:

  • What is a Social Media Influencer?
  • Pay Potential
  • Common Types of Influencers
  • Things To Consider For Potential Social Media Influencers
  • Is Becoming A Social Media Influencer Right For You

What Is A Social Media Influencer?

To start off, let us talk about what an influencer is and what they do. Social media influencers are people who are able to grow their followers and make a profit off their social media accounts. They do this by selling their own products but more often they partner with brands and promote and sell their products.

Influencer marketing is a fast-growing trend

Pay Potential

As mentioned, influencers typically make money by promoting other company’s products.

There are two ways this happens:

First, the company provides the influencer with a particular link or code that they can pass along to their followers. Typically, these also offer a discount to those who use them.

Second, the company pays the influencer an amount of money for each sponsored post that they create. These posts can be a Facebook or Instagram stories, IGTV videos, TikTok videos, or just anything that the influencer agrees to promote.

Often brands will request to see the post before the influencer posts it so they can approve the content. The actual amount that influencers can make per post varies, depending on the number of followers and their engagement rate.

If you do decide to start working with a brand/company as an influencer, it would be sensible to have a social media contract in place. This would allow you to be aware of all the ins and outs of what you are getting into while protecting yourself.

Common Types of Influencers

Just as there are different levels of influencers, there are different types of influencers as well. These influencers are sorted by niche or what they like to talk about. In fact, this is what makes an influencer successful. Since they make money by promoting other brands, they want to be able to partner with and promote brands that are easy to talk about and fit with their brand.

The five type of influencers that you will find on social media are listed below

  • Food
  • Fitness
  • Travel
  • Fashion
  • Lifestyle

Things To Consider For Potential Social Media Influencers

If you are thinking of growing your social media following to become an influencer, there are a few things you want to think about first. Let us further explore the six things you should consider before putting the time and the money to become an influencer.

  1. Your Niche- Before trying to become an influencer, you need to be able to identify what your niche and brand will be. While you may always be able to change your niche down the line, it is very important to spend some time thinking about what you want to focus on.

It would be good to ask yourself these two questions:

  • What do you enjoy?
  • What are you good at?

As you might be working with brands that align with your niche, too, so this is a very important decision to make.

2. Who is your target audience – Who are you going to be speaking to with your posts? Who is your customer base?

This will help you narrow down your niche even more. Choosing travel is a great start, but there are plenty of travel influencers that already exist. The more specific you can be, the better you will be able to target followers and attract the right kind of audience.

3. Are you comfortable with the limelight? – There a alot of benefits that come with being an influencer, like brand deals, promotions, and being self-employed if you choose so. With the advantages also comes the disadvantages. You may be able to control your posts and what you share, but you will not be able to keep everything private. Influencers become popular and successful because they show the behind-the-scenes of their lives. Your followers would want to know everything that is going on in your life. If this is something that you are comfortable with, you might want to think again before heading into the spotlight.

4. Can I Handle the Criticism –  On top of being in the limelight you are also opening yourself up to criticism. People will not always agree with your decisions or lifestyle. Some of your loyal followers might not agree with you sometimes. Some people won’t hesitate to voice out their opinions about what they may disagree with. Anytime you post something, you are giving people a chance to criticize you . Being an influencer means you need to have thick skin.

Is Becoming A Social Media Influencer Right For You?

Once you have thought through and considered these six questions, give your self some time to think about the answers to these questions. When you are able to confidently answer the questions then you will be able to know whether becoming an influencer is right for you or not.