Reinventing Yourself

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The future is staring us in the face, however all to often we look at tomorrow’s opportunities using yesterdays thinking. To shape your future you must be willing to change. And if you could glimpse the future, what would you do with the information?

Be the driver of your own future.

Be brave!

  • Psychologists have proven that threatening situations often prompt us to behave conservatively — the opposite of what is required when considering a career change.
  • Now is not the time for conservative thinking, or doubting your skillsets. You’re talented with many attributes. Believe in it!

Develop different visions of yourself

  • When you don’t know what the future will bring, it makes sense to pursue a wide range of career options rather than just sticking single-mindedly to one. Especially if your industry is on-hold.
  • It’s vital to let yourself imagine a wide set of possible career options and futures.

You are talented

  • Write down all of your skillsets & hobbies in the broadest terms – remember that there are often multiple ways to use your skills.
  • Embrace the process – now is not the time to be conservative!

Embrace the suspense

  • Changing jobs is a weird time – between a past that is clearly going or gone and a future that is still uncertain.
  • You will feel unsure and yo-yo between trying to hold on to the past and letting go. That’s totally normal.

Work your network!

  • The golden rule of networking for career change is to mobilise your weak ties — that is, the relationships you have with people you don’t know so well or don’t see very often, in order to maximise your chances of learning things you don’t know already.
  • The problem with friends and family – they will want to help you, but they’re unlikely to be able to help you think creatively. It’s more likely that they’ll pigeonhole you.
  • But there’s a catch – these weak ties are likely to be less motivated to help you. So, make use of your “dormant ties” — the relationships with people who you were once close to.


  • The simple act of creating and telling a story about what you want to do, or why you want a change, can clarify your thinking and propel you forward.
  • Don’t keep it all in your head. Talk to everybody. Discuss options.