Palinda Kaituu

Personal Development/Entrepreneur Coach
  • Member Since,October 29, 2021

I am a certified coach, trainer and speaker with the John Maxwell Team. based in the US, focusing on Leadership and personal development.  I am also a Certified Entrepreneur & Business Life Coach.  My background has been in the corporate space, specifically in the finance industry, for 16 years.  3 of these years was spent on expat assignment to Vanuatu, returning to Fiji in 2010.  For over 10 years, I was in Business Banking, managing various business portfolios.

I ventured into my own consultancy in 2018, focusing on personal development and leadership training.  This included facilitating leadership worships for businesses,  entrepreneurs, corporate companies and assisting stay home mums set up their home based businesses.  I also facilitated Teen Leadership programs for the community kids in rural areas around Navua.

I am currently part of a global community and company where I equip/train and coach our local people, who are independent business entrepreneurs. Some of which have not used a lap top in their lives and are not tech savvy but have the willingness to learn and succeed in their home based businesses.

I have launched a community platform on Facebook, called Impact & Grow, where I assist our local community in their personal development, from teenagers, to young adults to adults.  Average income earners, unemployed adults and anyone who is willing to invest in themselves, is able to join my programs on Impact & Grow, at community priced registration fees.  There is also a free programs available for Women to help them navigate through this season of uncertainty.

In addition to all that, I am a woman of faith and intent, a wife, a mother to 10 children, 5 of our own  and 5 of which we have adopted into the family.  4 of these kids have just recently lost their parents to covid, their mum is my elder sister.  We are in a season where, we all play a part in society, whether family or not, to sow seeds into lives around us, to rebuild our communities in hope and expectations that we can all rise above our circumstances and achieve great things.  Wherever we are, whatever roles we hold in society, let's lead ourselves and others to greatness - Leadership and Learning is inseparable!