Advertise A Job For Free on SPTO Jobslink

Advertise a job for free online

Are you an employer that is thinking about joining our online job portal? Do you still need assistance in advertising your vacancies on SPTO Jobslink? In this blog we will show you how to advertise a job for free on our online job portal and connect with job seekers.

1. Register as an Employer

Firstly, you need to head to our website  . Click on the Join Us button, fill in your details and click sign up.

Loading Jobs on SPTO Jobslink

2. Await confirmation from SPTO Jobslink

After you have registered, the SPTO Jobslink team will review your registration. After review, your user credentials will be sent to you which you will then use to log into your account.

3. Log In

Log into your account

Loading Jobs on SPTO Jobslink

4. Load Your Job

After you log in you will be presented with a your employer dashboard. Click on the Post a New Job option. Fill in the job details and click Post job. Please note that the email address that you put in will be the email address that will be receiving job applications.

Loading Jobs on SPTO Jobslink


There you have it. How to advertise a job for free on SPTO Jobslink. Now all you have to do is await applications from potential candidates.